Sulemana’s Baskets

About Us

West African Ghana WeaversSulemana’s started out from a gift of a basket from the market place in Accra Ghana. The baskets are a product of skilled weavers from Upper East or the Bolga area of Ghana. Each family handing down the art of basket weaving to the younger members for many generations.  

The intricate artwork combination of color and  the skillful weaving of the baskets makes these pieces of art stand out and be the center of attention where ever they are placed.

 In this adventure I was soon to find that basket weaving takes a great deal of strength and dexterity in your hands back and body as a whole.  The basket weavers here in this photo have been taught as young children and in time they teach it to their children also. 

Below is Sule of Sulemana’s weaving a basket.