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The Country Ghana

Ghana (formerly known as the “Gold Coast”) is a country on the West Coast of Africa that earned its independence in 1957.  One of the most thriving democracies in Africa, it has often been referred to as an “island of peace” among one of the most chaotic regions on earth.

Off the coast of Ghana in the Gulf of Guinea, a recent discovery of oil could make Ghana an important oil producer.The country’s agricultural economy employs about 40 percent of the working population. One of the leading exporters of cocoa in the world, Ghana also exports gold and lumber.

The country includes an area of 238,500 square kilometres and has an estimated population of 25,199,609 (as of July 2013).  There are more than 100 ethnic groups, however, English is the official language, a legacy of British colonial rule.

handcrafted-basketsThe crafting of brightly colored and attractive baskets helps to supplement the families’ income and provide for better schooling and water.